Web Design and Development

The website is the front store for any business. Having the right information put in the right way in a professionally designed web store front will go a long way in putting your business in the right light for people and businesses seeking information about your business.

At Greengate, we work with you to produce a web site tailored for your business.

Our web design process starts with user requirements gathering where we sit with the business process owners to establish their peculiar requirements for the web front end.

We use various software engineering technologies and tools including prototyping, use cases and use case diagrams to get a better understanding of what the customer requirements are for the web platform.

All our websites are mobile responsive ensuring optimal compatibility and visibility from desktop as well as mobile devices- Phones, iPad, Kindle and other Personal Digital Assistants.

Company Intranet, Collaboration Platforms:

Your web platform can include aspects that are open to the public on the internet and aspects that you keep for your internal workforce to enhance collaboration, record-keeping, document management, versioning etc.

We have the right mix of technologies and skills to build and host your platform per your specific requirements. From trusted shared and dedicated hosting solutions to Microsoft Powered Cloud Solutions. Greengate Software Solutions has the right technologies, skills and partnerships to make your platforms a driver for your overall business growth and profitability.

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