Mobile Application Development

Mobile devices are truly mobile and personal. Applications are increasingly being built for the mobile device platform. These applications power business processes like personnel management, accounting, payroll etc. Services like hotel booking, car hire, transport and freight management to mention a few are increasingly being built as mobile applications.

At Greengate Software Solutions, we use the most appropriate technology tools, skills and interfaces to deliver the most robust of mobile applications tailored specifically to custom user/customer requirements

All applications are developed the Greengate way. Which entails the application of the best software engineering principles.

Distribution and download is done through Google Play, App Store, Microsoft Store or any custom app stores selected by our clients thus ensuring that all quality and security requirements for the application are met.

We have capabilities to develop custom mobile apps for the following industries:

  • Hospitals and Healthcare Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Hotels and Hospitality Services
  • Transportation
  • Government
  • Financial Services
  • Human Resource Management

Customer facing generic applications development

Greengate Software Solutions Limited routinely develops generic software solutions including mobile apps that can be downloaded from the internet or app stores.