Pay Per Click Advertising Agency:

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising across social media like Facebook and Instagram, Google along with its network of partner and affiliate platforms and websites is a highly effective way to drive traffic to your website and ultimately transform clicks to cash for your business.


Pay Per Click – Google Ads Consultancy Services

 Pay per click consultancy services across Google and its network of associated platforms is the advertising mode of choice for most successful modern day business. The beauty of this model Is that you get to choose your own budget. Your adverts are shown per your specifications and budget. Google has a robust bidding system that is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) guaranteed to give you value for your money.

Our job as your advertising consultant is to use our expert knowledge of the workings of the Google artificial intelligence powered bidding system to create a bid strategy encompassing budget, bid time, keywords etc. to optimize your adverts thereby ensuring optimal return on ad spend and ultimately put more money in your pockets.


Our Pay per Click- Google Ads Services: 

  • Includes Google account setup and administration.
  • Google Display and Search Engine Ads
  • Intelligent Targeting based on : 
  1. Location – Narrow ads to particular high interest locations
  2. Demographics – Age Group, Gender etc.
  3. Affinity Audiences – Users who are passionate about the advert topic
  4. In-Market Audiences – Users who are actively researching advert topic or related subject
  5. Returning Audiences etc.

Our Pay per Click- Social Media Ads Services:


  1. Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn Ads from the product Facebook Page
  2. Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn Ads with links to product website landing page
  3. Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn Ads by Demographics targeting particular age groups that are most likely to purchase your Products
  4. Facebook Ads that target groups by interests
  5. Location based ad targeting
  6. Image Ads with calls to action
  7. Video Ads
  8. Clearly set marketing goals
  9. Clear and transparent performance reporting using dashboards and integrated with main product website


  • Measure your advertising Return on Investments
  • Measure advert performance
  • Google and Facebook provided charts, graphs and dash boarding
  • Transparency
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