Data Analytics

“Data is the new oil” – Kevin Plank. What do you do with your data? Businesses gather and generate data in their every processes and transaction. Knowingly or unknowingly.

The question of what to do with these data in terms of business intelligence and ultimately business profitability has been a recurring question in businesses communities.

Greengate Software Solutions Limited has the skillset and capabilities for:

Data Analysis:

We try to make sense of your data for business profitability using data analytic tools and software.

We work with your team through the different stages of data collection –> processing – >data cleaning and Exploratory data analysis.

Data Mining

We use appropriate algorithms to discover appropriate patterns from your data to enrich your business decision making process.

Our processes for making sense from your data involves phases that adhere to the Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM).

Depending on the industry, data mining tasks will usually differ according to the client’s specific needs. Be they:

  • Anomaly Detection
  • Association Rule Learning
  • Clustering
  • Classification
  • Regression
  • Summarization

Greengate Solutions Limited has capabilities in house to help your business make sense from discovered data patterns and hence lead your business to greater and sustainable profitability.

Data Warehouse, Online Analytic Processing

Does your business need to build your own system for reporting and data analysis? A data ware house can enhance your business intelligence by pulling data from existing operational systems in your organization.

Greengate Software Solutions will help your business build the appropriate data ware house from the scratch tailored to meet specific user requirements.

Our seasoned data scientists will take you through data Extraction, Transmission and Loading from your operational system and from the integrated operational data stores and a staging area to the data warehouse and data marts.

Thus, making transformed data available for your business decision makers and managers for Data Mining, Online Analytic Processing (OLAP), Business Intelligence and Decision Support, Market Research etc.